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After very careful consideration, a list of historic figures was compiled with attention given to selecting historical and contemporary figures that have made a contribution to the city. Though not all “faces” are native born of Frankfort, all lived in the community and have made contributions to our City and beyond. Once selected, the process to carefully comb through archives for photographs and paintings of Frankfort’s sons and daughters began. Sadly, many worthy persons have no known images and had to be removed from the list. The result is 28 persons highlighted on the first set of permanent banners displaying Frankfort’s great heritage with a dedicated website sharing biographies of their contributions: The banners were installed on October 6, 2016 the 230th anniversary of the founding of Frankfort in 1786 by General Wilkinson.

This project would not have been possible but for the assistance of Gene Burch, Bob Lanham, Russ Hatter and Eric Whisman who worked together to compile images, history and create projects design. Also thank you to the Frankfort Plant Board for installing them.


During the Spring of 2016 the Downtown Frankfort Inc. Design Committee dis-cussed the need to replace seasonal banners downtown with something that better reflected the history and identity of the city. Mr. Eric Whisman took on the task to create the project realizing the potential for banners to be an opportunity to highlight many of the important persons of Frankfort’s past. With the assistance of Mr. Russ Hatter soon the idea for Frankfort Faces was born and approved by the Downtown Frankfort Inc. Design Committee. The Capital City Museum board saw the project as an opportunity to promote the museum’s historic mission and became the sole sponsor of the banners.

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